The "2KHomepage.com" is an Advertising & Crowdfunding campaign based on the famous "MillionDollarHomepage.com" pixel advertising model. The funding target is $2000 here and advertising costs $.002 per pixel. And the advertisers will get rewarded with gifts worth 200% of the advertising costs as soon as possible, at most within 200 days.

Also, I will plant a tree for every single dollar raised via advertising. It might seem funny, but there are some real serious reasons. For more info, please check out the "Branch" campaigns. Have answered some anticipated questions below and for more queries, please get in touch.

Some Frequently Asked Questions : - Please Click.

Tried to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. For more query, please feel free to get in touch. More questions will be added soon.


Hope the "2kHomepage.com" will make an impact and promote some Earth-friendly activities. The plan is to make it a fruitful & successful campaign for everybody associated with this and as it starts growing, will update with some cool facts.

Thanks A Million.