On the homepage of the "", advertising space of "100x100" Pixel Blocks(Ad-Units) are available for displaying Ads. Advertising price is $20(USD) per Unit(costs $.002/Pixel) and only 100 Ad-Units are available. Logos & images can be displayed with links. For wider adspace, adjacent units can be ordered subject to the availability. The Ads can be displayed upto 20 years and more.

Please read the "Terms & Conditions" and check the availability of the ad-space on the "homepage" and how many ad-units you need.

As of now, PayPal is the preferred payment processor for ordering Ad-Units for International advertisers. Also they can pay using any credit cards as displayed on the PAY NOW button. Please click the PAY NOW button to proceed to pay. After the payment, you will get redirected to submit the advertisements details.

Thank you for considering to advertise on the "".

Thanks A Million.