The "" will branch out to various cool startups and some environmental documentaries, tree planting activities, ideas & campaigns to make the planet Earth a little more cooler and greener.

With the ideas of some eco-friendly campaigns and for making the "" more fruitful, have registered some "DOMAINS" with some related terms as listed below in the bold and green fonts.

In the absence of pitch videos, please consider the related domains as the sign of the campaigns. As the "Advertising Orders" take place, campaigns will get expedited and will update with some good news. Hope you will like and support those grow and become more fruitful.


A - 18 Trees : I have decided to plant at least 18 Trees this year and will make a documentary and music album related to trees & envoronmental facts. The motive is to promote tree planting activities and hope some might like to plant & grow some more trees while turning 18 years old as a responsible action. You can also read some lyrics on the "Lyrics" page.

B - 2000 Trees : I will plant a tree for every single dollar raised from the advertising sales on the "".

C - A Million Trees : Well, I have a little wish to plant and become a part of the plantation of at least a million trees and wish millions of others to do so. Most of the billionaires and millionaires cause more green house gas effects while expanding business houses and hence it would be cool to plant some more trees. Hope this message & mission become fruitful.

D - Social Network Tree : Billions of people use various "Social Network" sites for free of cost and they use those vividly. Combinedly the Internet based social networking sites and services cause some greenhouse gas effects; so it would be cool if the social network users could plant some trees in order to mitigate such greenhouse effects. Anyway, I've decided to plant some trees in the name of the social networking sites I use and hope, as it grows and become viral, millions of others might like to plant & grow some trees in the name of their favorite social networking sites.

E - Greener Internet : Ideas, actions and campaigns to encourage green computing and eco-friendly internet usage standards & online behaviors.

F - 2k Startups : The plan is to support grow at least 2000 startups with around $2k in funding. It's not about million or billion dollar startups. It's about supporting small yet good projects those need quick and no string attached simple funding support. Hope, it grows & become more fruitful.

G - 2x Homepage : The advertisers of the "" will most probably get rewarded with gifts or funds(if they prefer so) worth 200% of the advertising costs probably within 200 days. So, the 2x Homepage.

Some more interesting facts & eco-friendly campaigns are coming soon.

Some branch sites are under development and will be updated soon.

And some domains are being forwarded to the "" to grow traffic and make the advertising and campaigns more effective.

Thanks A Million.