According to the advertising orders, the advertisers will get credits in the "18 Trees" & "Social Network Tree" documentaries and in the web series as the supporters and will get social media shout outs.

There are some cool ideas & wishes behind the "" and the plan is to make it a fruitful project for everyone associated with this. The advertisers might probably be rewarded with gifts(or funds if they prefer so) worth 200% of the advertising cost in order to make this an economically successful and rewarding campaign.

It's not a promised offer or strictly not like any investment program and there is only 20% of probability until it's done. Well I just need a little to start and will reward on moral grounds and for promotional purposes only. But the advertisers cannot claim for any rewards or refunds until I become prepared and declare to do so. Please check out the "Disclaimer" & "Terms & Conditions" sections for more info.

There are some interesting ideas and as the advertising orders take place will update some cool things.

Thanks A Million.